Fête de la Transhumance – From Friday 21 to Sunday 23 June 

 Pastoralism beside water

Die, Pays de la Clairette, Vercors

When the sheep ascend to the hills, the migration is still considered an important ritual tradition and encourages people to celebrate and discover the field of pastoralism.

This year, the Fête de la Transhumance is coming back around and will take place on Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd June. Exploring the theme of water in mountain pastures, the festival offers a diverse program of films, exhibitions, meetings, shows and of course the famous passing of the sheep through Die !

On Saturday 22nd, the day starts at 9.00 am as the sheep pass the streets of Die, accompanied by a local marching band ! Then, throughout the day the town comes alive with various stalls located in the main square, Place du Mazel. Offering activities around pastoralism and wool craft, including demonstrations of sheep shearing, there’s something for everyone. On the top of this, a range of exhibitions, debates and films are organised in order for you to discover the region and its history but also to discuss around sheep breeding today, especially concerning water issues. The day and the evening will be punctuated by many enjoyable performances combined music and the art of street entertainment.  

On Sunday 23rd, the events take place in the mountains, on the Col du Rousset, around 30 minutes from Die by car. The mountain pass is reachable by a cable car (€2.50). If you missed the first day, don’t worry ! The sheep pass here at 10.30 am. As well as a craft and food market, there will be more stalls offering activities around sheep breeding and pastoralism, such as demonstrations of Sheep Dog training.

All the activities offered are free of charge ! 

It is a great opportunity to discover (or rediscover) Die and the Vercors region, but also the various professions and products available, related to sheep breeding and pastoralism. This edition is focusing on water issues, obviously an essential resource for shepherds. It is also a mean to raise awareness about how human activity is affecting natural areas. 

Several organisations have gathered together in order to contribute and share their skills, so it is sure to be an informative and meaningful event, both for professionals and the public !

Join us for the main event in Drôme !

See you soon,
 The team

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